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“You don’t need to have a plan”

“Once we say yes to life, yes to our wholeness and true wisdom, then the intelligence of  life will always provide all the  growth you need. Growth is a potent serum of  life. Life is always trying to always grow and expand us. You don’t need to have a plan.We need to work with whatever comes our way,moment by  moment to grow and expand  our  sense of self.”

Louise Marra,2017.

The person who wrote this is an acquaintance of mine and has taught me a bit about mindfulness as a way to approach life. She is very definite here,”…say yes to life….”.

We Kiwis have a colloquial expression .”yeah, nah”(sometimes nah, yeah”).To be uttered when asked a direct question and when unsure or equivocal. People do it without thinking (and it is good for a laugh!).But much as the cynic in me wants to reach for my proverbial gun upon hearing such unequivocally positive words, the kernel of the matter is reaching true acceptance of life, its circumstances and ourselves.

Only that, no inspirational quote or well thought out strategy ,will allow the personal growth Louise mentions. Life is pretty random and can be unkind too, but those unplanned and often unwanted moments are often key growth initiators.

Peace, Andy.

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