Minarets, Domes and Crescent

…#6 in the ongoing series…

Factoid: Visited the Jamek Mosque  in Central Kuala Lumpur in 2010. A privilege to don a robe as per  custom and have a look inside (barring the inner courtyard and place of prayer, non-believers being excluded from those parts of the complex).  I think of the warm welcome we received there ,when reflecting on the atrocities inflicted on Muslims at their place of worship in Christchurch last month.

This exterior view shows off the exotic(to me anyway)Indian Moghul -style architecture against blue skies. A stunning place situated at the confluence of the two main rivers running through KL. It may seem a bit weird now but the architect was a British non-Muslim; that’s how colonialism rolls…

DSC00012 (2).JPG
Jamek Mosque, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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