I shot this photo a month ago whilst on holiday at Mangawhai Heads,an hour and a half north of Auckland.

Sun, sand, surf, salt air.


The gentleman in the folding seat is lazing in the sun, tools of play – plastic buckets, a tiny inflatable boat -spread around on the sand.

A (hopefully!)temporary Covid-19 lockdown has non-essential travel out of town suspended, so I could not go to this beach, even if I wanted to, right now.

Which got me thinking -is lazing non-essential? It is probably the opposite in fact. We all need to unwind from time to time, right?

Painted In Memory


‘Painted In Memory’

This is a vista of Mangawhai Heads in New Zealand’s Northland, shot in the falling afternoon today but painted with the memories of our stays here over twenty years.

So many good times!

This view, from the deck of the place we stay, never seems to change, even if we have changed and continue to change over time.

It is a restful anchor for weary souls.

Sublime and serene!





The Boy At The Foot Of The Cliff

20190115_223451 (2).jpg

Took this shot earlier in the year ,on summer holidays at the wondrous Mangawhai Heads, north of Auckland.

The head’s cliffs have been shaped and worn smooth through wind and sea action, and are almost building like in structure.

But it is the unknown lad scouring for coastal treasure that draws me into this scene .

Engrossed in his hunt, he is all earnest endeavour and innocent adventure.

He is early on in the greater adventure of life.

Looming above, the cliffs are yet to be scaled…but there to be scaled.

I hope he manages the climb of manhood safely and gets to take in the awesome view at the top.

I’ll never know…anyway, I’m still clambering up, one precarious foothold at a time…