Tiny Temple


Pictured: one really tiny temple, on a little rock outcrop, beside a small river of running water.

Spiritual harmony in miniature.

This is an Asian-styled water feature at the entrance to my favourite Vietmamese restaurant in Otahuhu, Auckland (which ,by the way, has a killer banh mi roll…to die for!)

The little water garden is by far the prettiest thing about the place, which is a very ordinary boxlike 1960s office remade into an eatery without too much actual remaking having gone on, with kleenex for napkins.

But you come for the warm welcome and some of the best cheap eats in town, gathered with your friends or family.

Call me shallow(as a water feature river), but that is the sort of spiritual harmony that I can relate to!

Church Bell

This is the first of a series of posts where I have photographed places of religion and spiritual belief buildings .Not that I regard myself as religious, but we are all spiritual. The use of symbols and styles of architecture always intrigue and interest me.

Factoid:Tucked away behind the simple wooden church is a little hall where I sometimes meet with others of like mind. Curiously, it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion but there is a spiritual bond there for sure.

Anglican Church,Campbells Bay, Auckland NZ

No Footprints ( Song by Bruce Cockburn)


Refer the last post ,‘Footprints’ – the sea will erase our tracks.

This beautiful song is from one of my all-time favourite albums ,’Dancing In the Dragon’s Jaws’ .It was released in 1979 by Canadian artist Bruce Cockburn. Really worth picking up the now forty year old album if you can find it. Stunning lyrically and musically , a deeply spiritual record .The cover art is reproduced here so you will know it when you see it – really striking and original in its own right.

As he sings so eloquently here:

“Leaving no footprints

when we go

only where we’ve been

a faint and fading glow”