Chest Fever ( Song by The Band )

My personal favourite from the album ‘Big Pink’ mentioned in the  previous post.

The   hardest rocking tune of the set – memorable  for  Garth Hudson’s absolutely stonking organ work , Robbie Robertson’s slightly unsettling guitar riffs ,an odd, woozy horn-centred bridge, killer support from the rest of the ensemble and ,not least, the full and visceral production of John Simon. The lyrics don’t make a great deal of sense, but I find that sorta attractive …

Great Picasso-like album cover art too! That at a time when photos of the artists were the norm.

Every track is probably  now regarded as a classic, and the follow  up ‘The Band’ LP from 1969 is just as good. Influential is an  understatement…



Pink House


If the motel featured in the previous post, ‘Blue Motel’, did not exactly feel like home, neither would this monument to fufu and, erm ,pinkness. Something to love or hate ,or if in doubt ,to photograph . Not to say something good could not come out of a pink house – ‘Big Pink’  was the name and colour of the large house in Woodstock, NY. where The Band created the songs that would appear on their magnificent 1968 debut album of that name. Must post something from it ….