Community Hall (III)


Kihikihi, NZ.

This and the previous two posts show older buildings which are still active hubs of their  communities and  localities. I am drawn to them  when I pass through smaller places on my travels, as much  as  what they  signify than what they look like (although the variety   of  style  and  size is impressive and interesting in itself). I imagine them in their   heydays when they  would  have served as the epicentres of goings on – municipal meetings, clubs of all persuasions ,worship,dances, art and crafts exhibitions, the people that   passed through the room, music ,food served to all, and both  important and trivial events  .Their importance may have dissipated in recent times ,with the rush of  life ,urbanisation and  advances in technology not requiring  one  to be  physically present to participate, but to me they give  places “soul”. I take photographs just in case they fall ,or  are  pulled, down…

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