Mangroves & Tide II

‘Mangroves & Tide II’

Auckland’s Tamaki River seeps through the mangroves on the incoming tide.

I have never lived more than five minutes drive from the river,and as such this is one of the most familiar and comforting views I know.

Forgive me then any repetition of this imagery – it is engrained in me, and tidal patterns inspire much of this blog, and my life as well.


Thank You!

‘Thank You!’

What it says on the cake, really.

A grateful client (who also happens to be a cake maker) gave me this chocolatey creation recently.


Not that you got to taste it, but I post an image of the cake by way of thanks to you who tune in to this blog, and give feedback and encouragement, even just by looking and reading.

I don’t take your viewership for granted.

I am incredibly grateful for your support.

Thank you, and all the best with your own creative endeavours!