Reflecting Pool Reflects Rain

‘Reflecting Pool Reflects Rain’

The last in a mini-series of four photographs of Auckland’s Savage Memorial, taken hastily as the rain came down this week .

The memorial honours Michael Joseph Savage, first Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand, and is one of my favourite local places to visit (even when it is sodding down!)

House Of Cats

‘House Of Cats’

One from the travel archives to brighten the day of feline lovers, or art lovers for that matter.

This shot was taken in Barcelona late last year. I was taken by the varied cat images and soft colour geometric highlights on the wall of a central city building.

Not until sometime later did I notice the curling shape at top left of the image.

The tail of a mystery black cat perhaps?

Back To The Hanging Tree

‘Back To The Hanging Tree’

I think of it as ‘the hanging tree’ in my mind.

Not that people have swung in death from the branches of this particular pohutukawa tree (or I hope not anyway).

Rather, it is the impressive grouping of dangling aerial roots that provides the name I have for the tree that I return to regularly.

However, when the sun goes down, and in a wind, there is something spectral and eerie about the fibrous growths as they sway…

Pluviophile’s Dream

‘Pluviophile’s Dream’

“These diamonds on my windshield, these tears from heaven”, as Tom Waits once sang, and this photo taken today shows.

Pluviophiles (rain lovers) don’t cry when the sky does.

A dreary Sunday in a lockdown is just an excuse to drive to the nearby shore by myself , and revel in the rain as it sluices from the clouds and drips down the windscreen.

The view may be obsured – but I don’t care – I have diamonds.