Back To The Hanging Tree

‘Back To The Hanging Tree’

I think of it as ‘the hanging tree’ in my mind.

Not that people have swung in death from the branches of this particular pohutukawa tree (or I hope not anyway).

Rather, it is the impressive grouping of dangling aerial roots that provides the name I have for the tree that I return to regularly.

However, when the sun goes down, and in a wind, there is something spectral and eerie about the fibrous growths as they sway…

Give ‘Em Enough Rope…


More nautically themed stuff ( it wouldn’t  be ‘Ebb Then Flood’ without a little watery imagery! )

This time it’s a plethora of ropes aboard the replica ‘Endeavour’, which also features in the previous post, Totally Rigged.

“Give ’em enough rope, and they will hang themselves“(and variants thereof) is a cheerless saying dating back to the seventeenth century, but one that is curiously attractive because it is undoubtedly true in real life.

You don’t have to do any dirty work on a person who will see to their own demise given the opportunity.

I take no great joy in watching someone tie themselves in knots, but hanged if I am gonna do it for them..




New Babylon Hanging Gardens


After yesterday’s post featuring crops in old tyres,here is a shot taken last week of plants out of their usual place.

Rather eyecatching vertical garden of ferns,epiphytes and other non-foliage dropping lovelies built into a wall of the building from which you enter Auckland’s main train station.Mirror glass,which can be pretty awful and impersonal,gives a cool kaleidoscopic effect,and  magnifies the small airborne jungle.Architectural thumbs up from me anyway(not that I know much).

The feature does give out a tranquil,calming aura in the midst of urban perpetual motion,as its creators have indeed suggested – but let’s face it, plants don’t give a f**k whether you’re running late for work or your train…