Mangroves & Tide II

‘Mangroves & Tide II’

Auckland’s Tamaki River seeps through the mangroves on the incoming tide.

I have never lived more than five minutes drive from the river,and as such this is one of the most familiar and comforting views I know.

Forgive me then any repetition of this imagery – it is engrained in me, and tidal patterns inspire much of this blog, and my life as well.




A view of the grand exterior facade of Auckland’s Civic Theatre, built in Moorish Revival style (trust me, that is an actual thing).

I love the old place ( it has an artificial night sky ceiling in the main theatre, too!).

I have also adored many films and music performances at the venue. So many great memories.

It’s all about the facades – things that are not always real, projected as if they are, taking us on a fantastical ride.

I guess that’s the nature of entertainment.

It’s part of life too. Hard to know what is genuine sometimes.

But if you have to have a facade, make it a grand one!