Hundertwasser VII

Hundertwasser Public Toilets, Kawakawa, NZ.

‘Hundertwasser VII’

I kid you not, this is a window made of recycled glass bottles in what has to be one of the world’s most artistic toilet blocks.

So stunningly different that you almost forget why you entered in the first place! And, given the architect Hundertwasser’s dislike of straight lines, the tiled floor is all a bit crooked and uneven, so you need to watch your step a bit…

Zoom In (All Seeing Eye)

‘Zoom In (All Seeing Eye)’

I had just been listening to jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter’s adventurous 1966 album “The All Seeing Eye”, when I saw ( and saw through to the building behind) the pictured glass sculpture in downtown Auckland.The sculpture zooms in to the world beyond – an all seeing eye.

Strange when two very different art forms conflate in one’s mind!

Labels Are For Jars


 “How many cares one loses ,when one decides not to be something ,but someone.”

        – Coco Chanel

This quote has almost been my mantra in the past year or so.

The creeping realisation came that I was defining myself by my various jobs,roles and external expectations , not by my core,essence and natural intuition. And I was losing myself in the process.

The labels that the world uses to pigeonhole us should not stick to us through everything , or anything all really, but they do .

Be warned ,you might just have to break a jar or two to lose those labels, and just be someone – you.

Glass broken, cares lost….