Baby Rockpool


A small rockpool on the Tamaki River at low tide.

Seawater trapped in a sandstone circle. The next tide will free it.

Meanwhile, there’s maybe just enough space and water to bathe a baby…or to reflect your face… or to throw a coin in, and wish…

I adore small perfectly formed things ,and today I wish for them to come my way, and yours!

Twisting Branches (Meandering Life)

IMG_0807 (2)
Angel Oak Tree, Johns Island, South Carolina, April 2017

“Life meanders in this way. Art gives us all kinds of images of this living path that goes where it is going in a series of incomplete circles.There is the serpent of knowledge in the garden, the twisting pathway through the maze, the caduceus, or staff, of Mercury, and there are the twisting branches of the tree of life.Living is a meandering pathway across the void.”

William Bridges, excerpt from ‘The Way Of Transition’