Urbanities III


‘Urbanites III’

The final tranch in a mini-series of local cityscapes.

This older art deco specimen  is a real favourite of mine and the shot shows its facade captured in the last rays of sun.

And as with the buildings shown previously, there is much glorious repetition to be had in the many windows and grids that form the facade.

Mention of repetition is as good a way as any to leave things, with my days on continual repeat in lockdown. I will aim for something different tomorrow, I promise…


Urbanities I


‘Urbanities I’

Enough nature; I feel the need for some good old fashioned concrete and steel today.

I shot this picture of a downtown apartment block on the way to work a couple of months ago, back when I could still freely commute into the city.

Ah, nostalgia.

The man made extreme repetition of the building is mesmerising in its own way; cubes – all harsh lines and angles – stacked high against an opaque cobalt backdrop.

Somehow, for all its sterile design perfection, I am left with the nagging feeling of something not completely resolved…