They have spread and influence.

This picture is only of branches.

No trunk or visible roots.

A friend and former legal colleague of mine was announced as a judge recently and will take her place on the bench (in court, that is) soon.

It’s a position with spread and influence for sure, imbued with all the decision making powers that can right wrongs and change lives.

But it can be lonely at the top of the legal tree.

Lonely anywhere at the top, really.

I suppose that any time we get to rarified, or even isolated, places, it is crucial to remember your trunk and your roots.

The sort of life experiences and foundations that took you to where you are now.

In the soon-to-be judge’s case that will include all the clients she battled hard for in difficult situations, who will be looking back at her in the faces of those she must now make decisions for and about.

You will hopefully have your own trunk and roots system to sustain you and call upon, as you spread out and upwards, or merely when you find yourself alone.

Touch wood…





Wise Old Beards


Four aerial root formations dangle from the branches of an ancient Pohutukawa tree.

Like woody stalagtites.

And like the beards of old wise men.


The final request of The Serenity Prayer

The hardest thing to find, and when I really don’t have a clue, this favourite tree reminds me that it may come eventually…




Deeply Rooted

20190621_182638Pictured is the impressive visible roots system of a Moreton Bay Fig. Massive, sculptural things – and that’s only what you can see.

By way of contrast, a recent storm pulled up a shallow – rooted olive tree in my   backyard and deposited it over the clothes line.

It takes a storm to finds out what your foundation is like.

Like a tree, if we are not deeply rooted we are deeply rooted (that is not a circular nonsense, as I mean the second “rooted” in the Australian / NZ vernacular meaning, “screwed”or “f**ked”).

That means knowing what your mainly silent, often invisible core really is all about and where you have come from.

I hope that you are totally rooted in the more positive sense of the word…