Eight & Eight Is

20191005_120706 (2).jpg

Today’s mystery pic is a view upwards in a chamber in the Scottish National Gallery.

Eight segments in the skylight; eight Grecian-inspired plinths .

Symmetry of numbers.

It always gets me, to show that there is some sense of order in our crazy, supposedly random world.

(The title to this blog is an unashamed pilfering of the name of a 1966 song by psychedelic rock mavens Love, “Seven & Seven Is”. I love Love!)

Freedom & Love


Freedom and love – no one can argue with those sentiments.After all, they are what we all desire, right?

I have also heard it said that those two things have been used to justify virtually every abomination of mankind, including war.

The banners adorning this building in Barcelona are in fact part of a political protest movement for an independent  Catalunya.

During the week there have been angry protests and civil insurrection here. Shouting, chanting, rubbish bins burnt and the police on high alert.

If only life was as straightforward as a banner slogan!

Locked In Love

IMG_0199 (2).JPG

From the things I just don’t get department, I present this pic of padlocks, many pink and heart shaped, affixed to a fence atop Penang Hill in Malaysia.

Apparently, there is a bridge across the Seine River in Paris, where so many other star-crossed lovers have done the same thing that the bridge itself is sagging under the weight of thousands of padlocks.

If a lock is not a metaphor for entrapment and being hemmed in, I don’t what is.

Sinking bridges speak for themselves!

Call me a curmudgeon, but I don’t understand it…. and, on a purely aesthetic and functional front, pink padlocks are just plain f**king weird…


Art Ascending

 “Art, when inspired with love, leads to higher realms”

 – Baba Meher

Two community art gallery stairways, in NZ’s Nelson (left) and Taumaranui (right), echo the above quote.

You can feel the love and passion transforming humble carpentry.

Stairs inviting you upwards with rainbow colours to discover more artful wonder.

Which is what inspired art does, I suppose – takes you out of yourself and beyond.

I fumble around with this blog, and I don’t really know  what qualifies as ‘good’ art ,but I have come to learn that the act of creating something that is real to me has actually taken me ‘beyond’. The creativity of others (bloggers like you included!) inspires that journey too.

Onwards and upwards!



Life Sentence Pending


Captured up  at my bowls club recently… set up and ready for a late afternoon wedding ceremony, all roses and ribbons. No idea whose. No one arrived yet…..weirdly eerie but in a nice way,not the Billy Idol song ‘White Wedding’ one.

The nuptials will be well done and dusted by now and I wish the unknown couple a happy marriage.

Cynical title to this post ,I know.Probably due to many years lawyering ,dealing with matrimonial property, parenting and domestic violence issues amongst other things.Not a lot of laughs.

But you have to be optimistic about love,so the shot gets a little special rose tinting….