Now To Spread Yer Wings

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‘Now To Spread Yer Wings’                                                                    April 2020


If, right now, you more time than usual to contemplate your lockdown self, consider this:

You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling. So don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly”.

– Rumi

(and try not to shit on others from great heights when you get there)



Magnolia Dream

20200114_201852.jpg‘Magnolia Dream’


The soft, creamy hues of the magnolia flower with its opulent scent – summer signifiers.

So grateful to have a large tree in our backyard, and I took and made this picture last night after some evening rain had fallen.

The distinctive aroma of the flower was magnified by the warm, moist air.

When the tree was planted by us 20 years ago, this image was the dream in my mind…


Young Growth


Maize, Glenbrook Beach NZ

A young crop of maize in rows on a friend’s land today.

Such a sense of order and design is very appealing to the neat freak in me!

We have got to set definite plans for new ventures and things that will grow us, I know.

But sometimes, despite  those plans, growth is haphazard or sprawling. At other times nothing appears to be happening at all. Or worse, the new seedlings wilt and die.

To grow is to accept that there will be pain, frustration and unpredictability. There is a need to be patient when there is no immediate yield. I need to remind myself of this almost daily – at times I am a lousy sharecropper in my own life growth.

To leave your field bare is not an option though.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life” – Eric Butterworth




The End Is The Beginning


Auckland’s narrow Okahu Bay Wharf  (seen from a different angle in the previous post Above The Wharf, Over The Sea ) tapers to a point in the distance.

Where it ends,the sea begins.

An end is always a beginning of something.

“You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else.” – John Irving, ‘The World According To Garp’

(Questions tossed up by the tide: So we know the pier ends, but does the sea have an end?… and if  it does, what begins after the sea?)

Re-tread Gently


This shot was taken yesterday at the 25th birthday celebrations of a community organisation that has done of lot of good things in that time for families in its (mainly poor) neighbourhood.

The garden out the back of the centre re-uses old tyres, brightly repainted ,as planters for the food grown there.Lost property from the nearby airport is distributed to those who need it. Waste management and re-cycling are key components of the work .Life skills are taught and passed on. Anything that  can be used is used and those with the time and love can who wish to contribute to the work are welcomed.

Simplicity, sustainability, care and respect for others and our planet are the group’s ideals and practices for growth.

Big corporates and bureaucrats take note!


20180825_231038 (2).jpg
“You don’t need to have a plan”

“Once we say yes to life, yes to our wholeness and true wisdom, then the intelligence of  life will always provide all the  growth you need. Growth is a potent serum of  life. Life is always trying to always grow and expand us. You don’t need to have a plan.We need to work with whatever comes our way,moment by  moment to grow and expand  our  sense of self.”

Louise Marra,2017.

The person who wrote this is an acquaintance of mine and has taught me a bit about mindfulness as a way to approach life. She is very definite here,”…say yes to life….”.

We Kiwis have a colloquial expression .”yeah, nah”(sometimes nah, yeah”).To be uttered when asked a direct question and when unsure or equivocal. People do it without thinking (and it is good for a laugh!).But much as the cynic in me wants to reach for my proverbial gun upon hearing such unequivocally positive words, the kernel of the matter is reaching true acceptance of life, its circumstances and ourselves.

Only that, no inspirational quote or well thought out strategy ,will allow the personal growth Louise mentions. Life is pretty random and can be unkind too, but those unplanned and often unwanted moments are often key growth initiators.

Peace, Andy.