Church Bell

This is the first of a series of posts where I have photographed places of religion and spiritual belief buildings .Not that I regard myself as religious, but we are all spiritual. The use of symbols and styles of architecture always intrigue and interest me.

Factoid:Tucked away behind the simple wooden church is a little hall where I sometimes meet with others of like mind. Curiously, it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion but there is a spiritual bond there for sure.

Anglican Church,Campbells Bay, Auckland NZ

Is The Sky The Limit?(Song by Grant Hart)

As I was penning the words to the previous post ‘Radiate Away’ ,this was the song in my head. Grant Hart was the co-leader of eighties indie rock legends Husker Du and died last year aged 56.

‘It Is To The Sky I Shall Return’ , December 2018

The song, one of his last, and described variously as”symphonic” and “elegaic” , lyrically probes the limits of existence .It finishes on the repeated words “radiate, radiate away…radiate ,radiate away”, before a satellite signal bleep repeats and seems to fade into space…haunting….

No Footprints ( Song by Bruce Cockburn)


Refer the last post ,‘Footprints’ – the sea will erase our tracks.

This beautiful song is from one of my all-time favourite albums ,’Dancing In the Dragon’s Jaws’ .It was released in 1979 by Canadian artist Bruce Cockburn. Really worth picking up the now forty year old album if you can find it. Stunning lyrically and musically , a deeply spiritual record .The cover art is reproduced here so you will know it when you see it – really striking and original in its own right.

As he sings so eloquently here:

“Leaving no footprints

when we go

only where we’ve been

a faint and fading glow”




You know,those reduced font clarications , expansions  and extra stuff  about matters in the main body of a narrative that you are directed to check out by the author.

At the bottom of the page.

If you can be bothered.

Me,I like them. The flow of the story might have got disrupted ,or sent off on an unwanted tangent by their inclusion,but often there is factual gold or weird shit that adds so much to the tale.There may be a whole other story there that is just not for the telling this time around.

Sometimes you hear  expressions like “a mere footnote”.As in,unimportant,not the main part of the story or happening.

How many of us feel a bit like footnotes to life?That the story we are in sort of refers to us without including us in the main text. Well, we all get sidelined or bumped to the bottom of the page from time to time.

But maybe you get there because your story is just too interesting,full of tangents and departures, and plain weird shit, to fit in neatly. Be just a little grateful if that’s the case…!



It’s been a heavy few days in NZ,and this is posted  for some light, erm, relief.Spotted on holiday last year,men’s toilet in Motueka replete with bright red eel drainpipe.

Could say something about phallic symbols but maybe an eel is just an eel ,when it is not being a drain of course…anyway, it made the necessary a bit more fun.

Eel leave it there…..

Soft Beauty vs The Harsh Spikes


It was on my mind early this afternoon to post this picture of a flowering yucca tree in my garden.It is a very occasional event,and quite startling in the juxtaposition of soft,creamy bloom nestling in the crown of spiky leaves.

I got home from work to the horrific news of the mass killing of Muslim worshippers here in New Zealand today,at mosques in Christchurch.

Shocking beyond belief in a generally peaceful and tolerant country.

Been glued to news updates for the past few hours; many others are hurt and the death toll may rise.

Wasn’t gonna post but my mind and heart are still racing , so I put this up in remembrance for the dead and solidarity for the innocent living .

A soft bloom of hope rises from amidst the harshness of hatred.

I wish you all peace tonight and hope for tomorrow, Andy.