Stone Box (Final Destination)

20191008_112821 (3).jpg

In the previous post Boxed In ,I touched on the boxes that we end up in.

In my recent travels in Scotland, I came across this ancient stone version in a cemetery at St. Andrews. Pretty impressive; nicely ergonomically tapered and contoured to fit the deceased’s head. Top design marks.

I suspect it was for someone of some importance. You wouldn’t go to all that bother for a regular dude or dudess.

Important person or not, as the pop-punk bard Wreckless Eric once said,” there’s only one destination in the final taxi”.

And on that cheery note, I too shall depart…

The Dear Burden

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The last post, Monumental, featured a dark monument to Sir Walter Scott

A monument is a sort of epitaph in stone. And often as lifeless as the departed.

But it is the words of great writers like Scott that live on, timeless and relevant.

Summing up what we ourselves cannot articulate.


I wish to god that I personally had not to go through a recent hellish time in my life when those words were way too relevant – but I am glad I clung to what was dear.

Cheers Walter…

Stone Arches Tell No Lies


Curves of a different sort today.

This time around it is a stone passageway in the White Tower of the Tower Of  London.

Visited  there yesterday  and walked the same  steps  and corridors and under arches  as the infamous prisoners and dead of history. Spooky!

History ( the Tower is soaked in it, like blood on  chopping block! ) is linear and a tale told only in retrospect. You know how you got from A to B.

If you put yourself in the moment of a place, as I tried to ,it is all twists and turns, dark corners and bright windows of the unexpected.

Cruel  curves, awful arches…