Summer Sets The Scene


Here be summer.

Coming on, and growing by the shortening day. We’ve just passed the longest day but the weather will get hotter. That’s odd I think.

But maybe it’s all about intensity.

Quality, not quantity and all that.

The qualities of scorching heat and brilliant UV-blitzed light will inhabit our little part of the planet, and suffuse us with those same elements, as if by osmosis.

Languid days will create relaxed, kinder people.Doing just what they fancy, just because they can. Holidays at this time of year certainly help!

And we will be, temporarily at least, the best versions of ourselves, all flowers and blues skies.

So, the scene is set…let play begin!


Block The Sky If You Cannot Scrape It


So, yesterday’s post, “Block 6 & Block 7”,featured two buildings across from my Auckland City work office.This one, just around the corner, is another linear edifice, doing just enough to block the view but not tall enough to threaten the heavens.

Reflective glass sends back the message of the other side of the street, but there are chinks where you can sense humanity within the cubes of concrete, steel and glass – clothes on a rack, pictures on a wall ,lampshades -random personal paraphernalia .

Hope the owners within are doing more than just scraping by…