Daybreak Intent



Early this morning; another Monday with it all ahead, but with a head that is somewhat emotionally clouded.

The short walk to the train tosses up a cloudscape of its own.

One radiant with a warm energy.

An ornamental pole stabs at the fiery sky with a directness and intent that was lacking in me.

There is a simple message for me there: upwards and onwards, mate – the day will follow your intent.

And just pausing to admire the scene and take a picture is a simple way to take you out of your own head…



The Experiences And The Meaning


” We had the experiences but missed the meaning “

    – T.S Eliot , ‘The Dry Salvages’

I went down to the water’s edge earlier this morning, the sun penetrating the sea fog, the light quietly spectacular. There was a fleeting moment of soul connection and calm.

Then, as is my wont, my mind ticked over to what I needed to do today, tomorrow and into the near future.

The moment was gone and  the experience had lost its meaning.

The sun and the water had not changed, or maybe imperceptibly.

But I had moved on.

How many little moments or experiences are lost just like that, as I  am “elsewhere” even though physically present?

And then the best I can hope for is that the meaning of the experience will come to me in hindsight.

Just a reminder to myself to be mindful and soulful, even in the smallest experience, for it may not occur again.


Morning (Song by Beck)

                                        “Can we start all over again this morning?”

A slice of slow gorgeousness from Beck,from his excellent 2014 album ‘Morning Phase’, that  manages the neat trick of being melancholic and uplifting at the same time – sorta like some mornings themselves  – and the sample lyric above echoes my thoughts in the the last post ‘Tamaki Ebb Tide Morning’. Enjoy!