Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (X)

‘Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (X)

…images of the underside of wharves are recurring favourites of mine. in my mind they are places of transition, neither totally in sky or sea. transition from one thing to another is not always easy…as the stark criss-cross lines and encrusted beams in this photo allude to. periods of transition are never our destination but need to happen sometimes in order to get where we mean to go…

A Launching Point

‘A Launching Point’

Where to from here?

What do I really want to be?

The answer to each question begins at a launching point.

It may end at a visible horizon, something known.

Or in a place beyond that horizon, a place uncertain.

Whatever it is to be, it is not the status quo.

Courage, energy and vision are what are required at a launching point.

If that is where you are, I wish you those attributes in spades!

Ready to launch?