To Brighter Days

‘To Brighter Days’

27 January 2023 in Auckland saw a record 258 mm of rain fall in one day.

That’s an awful lot of water, and there was widespread flooding and damage in the city, Tragically, a couple of deaths are attributed to the weather event.

I did get out and about after the deluge, to shoot these vivid blooms, still wet from the rain.

To brighter days then…

At Year’s End

‘At Year’s End’

2020 has been a rocky path for the world alright.

But the end is in sight!

We hope for better times in 2021, as we do with every New Year. That is the optimism of the human spirit.

I wish those who have stopped by Ebb Then Flood this year every happiness and success (however you may define those things) in 2021. I am hugely grateful for those who viewed, liked and commented on my images and musings, and who also inspired me with their creativity.

Peace, Andy L.

Victoria Blushed

20190930_102628 (3).jpg

An optimistic view of London’s Victoria Station on arrival by train  – looking up at the glassed roof stretching forever (or so it seems).

Well, an optimist always looks up – always.

And sees the view through rose-tinted glasses.

In a way this picture captures the hopefulness that travel brings to me – the pursuit of the new and the dream of the possible.


Above The Wharf, Over The Sea


This was one view I had today.

Above a wharf stretching out over the sea.

Elsewhere on this blog is a series of pictures entitled “Under The Wharf, Above The Waves”. About being between worlds; neither/nor; other.

Not today. Things must be better and my outlook more optimistic for me to take this photo, make this picture.


A different perspective from before.

Stretching out, and over…