Station To Station


‘Station To Station’

Auckland’s Britomart Train Station is relatively new and has a sorta alien spaceship, futuristic feel going on.

All the more reason to crib the title of David Bowie’s 1976 song and album as a small homage to that great musical voyager.

His music took me to a few unknown places in my youth.

Youtube link to the song below, if you care for an interesting sonic side trip…

Freight Train Passing

IMG_3440 (4)

‘Freight Train Passing’

Looking down to Judge’s Bay from the tranquility of the rose garden , I am met with the clattering noise of a freight train .It’s on the main trunk line, laden with shipping containers, bound for god knows where.

If the peace is momentarily shattered, I am actually comforted by the rumble from the tracks beneath me and the brute ugliness of the containers and rusty carriages.

For it signifies “business as usual”.

For all the strictures of lockdown and pandemic-fueled economic recession, the passing train and its cargo tell me that normal activity is actually happening out there.

Good shit headed for people who will do good shit with it…

Victoria Blushed

20190930_102628 (3).jpg

An optimistic view of London’s Victoria Station on arrival by train  – looking up at the glassed roof stretching forever (or so it seems).

Well, an optimist always looks up – always.

And sees the view through rose-tinted glasses.

In a way this picture captures the hopefulness that travel brings to me – the pursuit of the new and the dream of the possible.


Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Was A Train Coming The Other Way) – Song by Richard Hawley


In my last post Not An Oncoming Train ,I touched briefly on the themes of despair and hope.

Today’s post offers up the soundtrack to my musings.

Ex-Pulp member Richard Hawley has, since leaving that band, carved a sweet career niche in noir-ish vintage music styles that sound like they were recorded pre-1960 .

This track is no exception.

However, his theme is all despair and zero hope.

There’s even  train sounds at the  end to reinforce the sense of grim destiny (spoiler alert!)

But impending doom has never sounded so sweet…


Not An Oncoming Train


 “The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train”

You’ve probably heard this saying before; amusing yes, cynical definitely!

The problem though, is that if you are trapped in a never ending tunnel, figuratively speaking, you do not expect to see light again, and even faint hope can look like something that will betray and smash you to pieces.

But what if it is not a train?

What if it really is the end of darkness?

The belief that the light is real and is not in fact a threat is called HOPE .


Wires Signal Evening Rain


All the way along the waterfront on the train today , the rainclouds hovered darkly just above a layer of evening light.

They were still that way as I alighted onto the platform.

Ominously some might say.

Not me, for the anticipation of rain and its release upon us is so wonderfully life affirming.

And what was signaled has now fallen with great intent…