A Place Beyond Belief


Given that a belief is just that, and not a  fact or certainty, what does that place beyond belief look like ?

Asked another way, what is the substance of your faith and hope?

And, if you get to that place or find that thing, would you actually realise that you are there or what it was ?

None of which questions I can answer but I have the nagging feeling (not a belief, mind) that I have actually arrived at some of those places beyond belief , only for those beliefs to change, and so too, the destination.

All clear then?

Oh, and I will let you know when and if I get there….

Not An Oncoming Train


 “The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train”

You’ve probably heard this saying before; amusing yes, cynical definitely!

The problem though, is that if you are trapped in a never ending tunnel, figuratively speaking, you do not expect to see light again, and even faint hope can look like something that will betray and smash you to pieces.

But what if it is not a train?

What if it really is the end of darkness?

The belief that the light is real and is not in fact a threat is called HOPE .