Freight Train Passing

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‘Freight Train Passing’

Looking down to Judge’s Bay from the tranquility of the rose garden , I am met with the clattering noise of a freight train .It’s on the main trunk line, laden with shipping containers, bound for god knows where.

If the peace is momentarily shattered, I am actually comforted by the rumble from the tracks beneath me and the brute ugliness of the containers and rusty carriages.

For it signifies “business as usual”.

For all the strictures of lockdown and pandemic-fueled economic recession, the passing train and its cargo tell me that normal activity is actually happening out there.

Good shit headed for people who will do good shit with it…

Forbidden Garden

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‘Forbidden Garden’

I know, with a headline like that, you might expect something exotic and mysterious.

The answer, in the case of the walled garden and fountain at Auckland’s Parnell Rose Gardens, is not like that at all. The garden is simply locked during lockdown, and I had to make do with a shot though a gap in the iron gates on the weekend.

There is nothing, however, like not being able to do or have something to make you f**king want it all the more.


Adam and Eve, back in the day, didn’t put up with a little frustration in the Garden of Eden. They can take all the blame…


Urbanities III


‘Urbanites III’

The final tranch in a mini-series of local cityscapes.

This older art deco specimen  is a real favourite of mine and the shot shows its facade captured in the last rays of sun.

And as with the buildings shown previously, there is much glorious repetition to be had in the many windows and grids that form the facade.

Mention of repetition is as good a way as any to leave things, with my days on continual repeat in lockdown. I will aim for something different tomorrow, I promise…