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I was binge watching the second series of the Ricky Gervais Netflix series ‘Afterlife’ during the weekend.

Wickedly funny, but also filled with pathos and ruminations on our common mortality.

Right at the end of the series the soundtrack featured Iron and Wine’s song ‘Passing Afternoon’ from the 2004 album ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’.

Key lyric:

“There are things that drift away like our endless, numbered days”.


The photograph above was recently taken looking over a coastal cliff on a walk ( I haven’t spent all of lockdown on my arse watching TV! ).

The gradations of colour, the deepening sea and the pattern of the waves held me in quiet thrall.

As I took in the view below me; as I watched Gervais’s character grapple with life and death; as Iron and Wine’s gorgeous song played, I found myself drifting….




Endless Sleep And The Jazz Cat

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“Cats have it all – admiration, endless sleep and company only when they want it”

   – Rod McKuen

It’s August ,and being a Leo myself, it’s feline time.

Pictured is our, now sadly gone, family cat Mingus (named for the Afro-American jazz great Charles Mingus), who was an excellent sleeper but great company too when he actually woke (and wanted it).

I was even suckered into this admiring shot while he slept in the sun…damn!

A very idiosyncratic beast he was. Preferred human food over cat food and could sense when someone was sick, and stay close by. Liked music.He was a La Perm breed (aka the “Alpaca Cat”); had unusual wool-like fur that would freak people out a bit when touching it.

A story about the cat and his name: I watched the 1968 black and white documentary on Mingus (the jazz one) with a friend in London. In the doco, Charlie wanders around his New York loft muttering random stuff and at one point fires a loaded rifle into the ceiling, bringing down paint and dust. Just a little unhinged, really. Years later we had just got Mingus (the feline), and I told my friend his name over the phone. He asked whether he was black. I said, no, just slightly crazy..

Ok, done.This blog’s sole cat meme is officially out of the way…