Leo The Jolly Roger


Fishing boat docked in a Fife harbour.

It caught my eye because I’m a Leo, not  a pirate – I would be pretty inept at that.

The naming of ships and boat is  fascinating and very personal and I learned a bit about  it when visiting  a fishing museum in Anstruther a few days ago.

As for the flag , it reeks of maverick. I can see  Captain Jack Sparrow at the helm, assuming of  course  that he had gone straight and taken up an honest life,lobster fishing …


Endless Sleep And The Jazz Cat

IMG_0467 (2)

“Cats have it all – admiration, endless sleep and company only when they want it”

   – Rod McKuen

It’s August ,and being a Leo myself, it’s feline time.

Pictured is our, now sadly gone, family cat Mingus (named for the Afro-American jazz great Charles Mingus), who was an excellent sleeper but great company too when he actually woke (and wanted it).

I was even suckered into this admiring shot while he slept in the sun…damn!

A very idiosyncratic beast he was. Preferred human food over cat food and could sense when someone was sick, and stay close by. Liked music.He was a La Perm breed (aka the “Alpaca Cat”); had unusual wool-like fur that would freak people out a bit when touching it.

A story about the cat and his name: I watched the 1968 black and white documentary on Mingus (the jazz one) with a friend in London. In the doco, Charlie wanders around his New York loft muttering random stuff and at one point fires a loaded rifle into the ceiling, bringing down paint and dust. Just a little unhinged, really. Years later we had just got Mingus (the feline), and I told my friend his name over the phone. He asked whether he was black. I said, no, just slightly crazy..

Ok, done.This blog’s sole cat meme is officially out of the way…