Forbidden Garden

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‘Forbidden Garden’

I know, with a headline like that, you might expect something exotic and mysterious.

The answer, in the case of the walled garden and fountain at Auckland’s Parnell Rose Gardens, is not like that at all. The garden is simply locked during lockdown, and I had to make do with a shot though a gap in the iron gates on the weekend.

There is nothing, however, like not being able to do or have something to make you f**king want it all the more.


Adam and Eve, back in the day, didn’t put up with a little frustration in the Garden of Eden. They can take all the blame…


In My Aunt’s Garden (Adam, Eve & A Snake)


So, in coronavirus lockdown, we had to drop off some essential groceries to my octogenarian aunt, who lives alone and is not supposed to leave her house.

Happily, it was a gorgeous afternoon, so the delivery took place in her rather marvelous garden.

In the sunshine, pleasantries were exchanged; social distancing was applied.

These flowers caught my eye as we chatted.

Two pretty flowers, and a snake-like Australian orchid of some type getting between them, recreate a very old biblical story where good things go badly wrong …


P.S: To any Australian readers, I am not insinuating anything!

P.P.S: I’m so glad we don’t have any real snakes in New Zealand! They creep me out…




Re-tread Gently


This shot was taken yesterday at the 25th birthday celebrations of a community organisation that has done of lot of good things in that time for families in its (mainly poor) neighbourhood.

The garden out the back of the centre re-uses old tyres, brightly repainted ,as planters for the food grown there.Lost property from the nearby airport is distributed to those who need it. Waste management and re-cycling are key components of the work .Life skills are taught and passed on. Anything that  can be used is used and those with the time and love can who wish to contribute to the work are welcomed.

Simplicity, sustainability, care and respect for others and our planet are the group’s ideals and practices for growth.

Big corporates and bureaucrats take note!