Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (VIII)


This is the latest iteration in an ongoing (and originally unintended) series .

It’s a recurring image that appears to me, like a dream, and then demands another  projection on this blog’s screen.

I see it when I am feeling out of sorts with life.

That “in between” place; neither/nor; the netherworld.

This time around it feels like the whole coronavirus – worried world is of an uncertain mind.

We are mostly, then, somewhere under the wharf and above the waves…for now.

Stay safe people,hang on to the pilings!


Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (VII)


The ‘Wharf ‘ picture series continues – this time blurred, black and blue, which is how things look and feel in the nether world.

Twixt and ‘tween land, where you exist as other, and neither (above or below, that is).

You can scope the previous ‘Wharf ‘ posts to see where this theme comes from, if you are so minded.

My meditation on this scene is a little different this time around:

What lies between fighting the truth and running from it?


Wiser than fighting, braver than running, and harder than both…

As I have said before – be the barnacle!


The End Is The Beginning


Auckland’s narrow Okahu Bay Wharf  (seen from a different angle in the previous post Above The Wharf, Over The Sea ) tapers to a point in the distance.

Where it ends,the sea begins.

An end is always a beginning of something.

“You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else.” – John Irving, ‘The World According To Garp’

(Questions tossed up by the tide: So we know the pier ends, but does the sea have an end?… and if  it does, what begins after the sea?)

Above The Wharf, Over The Sea


This was one view I had today.

Above a wharf stretching out over the sea.

Elsewhere on this blog is a series of pictures entitled “Under The Wharf, Above The Waves”. About being between worlds; neither/nor; other.

Not today. Things must be better and my outlook more optimistic for me to take this photo, make this picture.


A different perspective from before.

Stretching out, and over…


Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (VI)

20190421_123805.jpgSorry if I am repeating myself – actually not really, there can be virtue in repetition (well you gotta tell yourself that just to get through this life!)…this is another in the ‘Wharf ‘ series; studies of  the ‘space in between’.

And, given that it is Easter after all ,right now the recurring motif is about the place between death and resurrection, endings and beginnings. No pause is without purpose. Be the barnacle and hang on in there…

Black Wharf , White Points


Back to the wharf ,so to speak, or at least another wharf. Unlike the twilight zones depicted in the “Under The Wharf, Above The Waves” pictures elsewhere, this scene concentrates on the top of the wharf. Relatively comfortable maybe ,but the white tipped posts are a navigation guide for incoming boats, delineating the landing and guiding the skippers. And you wouldn’t want to sit on them if you’re feeling too comfortable…I am reminded that complacency is the enemy.