Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (X)

‘Under The Wharf, Above The Waves (X)

…images of the underside of wharves are recurring favourites of mine. in my mind they are places of transition, neither totally in sky or sea. transition from one thing to another is not always easy…as the stark criss-cross lines and encrusted beams in this photo allude to. periods of transition are never our destination but need to happen sometimes in order to get where we mean to go…

Blue Swirl Reflections


Geometric swirls of a carved gateway to a Maori marae ( meeting  place) reimagined in blue, and mirrored.

Not as the carver intended, but how it was in my mind’s eye, on a day where the mood was blue, little was calm in my head and mental waves churned like the sea below the marae.

And, after a little reflection (so to speak), I’m okay with that.


Breakwater !


North Sea waves piledrive into the breakwater of the harbour at Pittenweem, Scotland yesterday.

The title of this post has an exclamation  mark to bear witness to the velocity of wind and waves that roared and smashed during my stroll along the breakwater at dusk.Spectacular!

Powerful and unrelenting forces of nature versus man’s cunning engineering.

The breakwater protects fishing and other vessels in the harbour, where it is artificially calm.

Of course ,there are a lot less boats owing to the decline in the fisheries.

One day there may be no more haddock, crabs, lobster and prawns.

And,maybe no more breakwater if the sea has its revenge…