Easy Chair


Presented for your viewing pleasure: one well-used blue leatherette and fake suede easy chair in a corner of my Thursday workplace, draped with a marvellously technicolor crochet rug, with a hot pink stuffed toy as an armrest accoutrement. Beautiful!

It invites a damn good sit down. A quiet nap perhaps.

Nothing wrong with a bit of comfort.

Getting too comfortable is another thing altogether.

It doesn’t pay to regret the past – it is what it is, and not a lot to be done about it – but I can definitely think of times when I got way too comfortable in certain life situations, overstayed in one place or missed other opportunities that were begging. Even finding some strange comfort in the known surrounds of adverse and damaging circumstances, when the sensible thing to do would have been to run (not walk) away!

I’m not advocating a bed of nails instead of an easy chair in your corner – no one likes a masochist (sadists aside) -but just to seek that challenging edge that will ignite your soul and mind.

As they say, you snooze, you lose!