Last Of The Dying Leaves

‘Last Of The Dying Leaves’

Took this one looking up through the tangled branches of a tree to the clear, pale winter sky, with a few reddish leaves just hanging on.

The tree in question is next to an Auckland hospital.There for a follow-up appointment yesterday with the surgeon who handled my cancer treatment last year and who performed life saving surgery. All going well despite a fair amount of ongoing pain – the surgeon was happy with progress, but confessed that he had no certainty at all that I would make it through.

In this picture I am reminded by nature of the bleak time when I was tangled up and literally just hanging on… but there was always the expanse of a sky above to reach up to. Hope is everything in such a situation, so very powerful…

The Baths, Before Swimming Season VII

Parnell Baths, Auckland NZ. (August 2020)

The final post in a series of photographs of Auckland’s iconic outdoor salt water pools.

Opening day for the summer season is a few weeks away but these shots capture the pools whilst closed.

Admittedly, there is something a little sad about the empty pools and surrounds but it’s an opportunity to concentrate on their shape, structure and colour (great shades of blue – my favourite colour!). And of features that are normally submerged by water.

I really enjoyed taking the time to fossick around the pools without the throngs of keen swimmers who will surely arrive when the pools are filled and the weather warms up.

And in that sense, the shots are not so much about the down time but the anticipation of what is to come. Bring on summer!

As always, thanks for dipping in!

The Bowler II


The summer lawn bowls season has just ended in New Zealand, and I thought I should mark the end of the high time in my sport with a shot of my friend Vince in full flight on the grass at the Auckland Men’s  Champ Singles last month. Nice style!

Played him that day, got beaten 21-9.He can be pretty bloody good ….

No dice then, but that’s sport – put the poor games behind you, learn and move on. There’ll be other opportunities.

Not that the sport goes completely into hibernation, just less intense competition and a move onto artificial surfaces over the winter.

Butt there is nothing like the feel and subtle variation offered by natural, grass greens and the warmth of the sun on your back as you play.

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