Down At The Dockside III

IMG_3804 (4)

‘Down At The Dockside III’

More goings on at the Ports of Auckland.

This boxlike freighter, the ‘Beluga Ace’, may well be a sister ship to the vessel recently featured in my post Down At The Dockside Again .They are equally inelegant in any case.

F**k knows why I am developing a nascent interest in the cargo ships that come into town by sea.

Something to do with the normality of international trade in abnormal pandemic- stricken times, I think.

Oddly comforting.

Down At The Dockside Again

IMG_3655 (4)

‘Down At The Dockside Again’

More mindless ship watching (see Down At The Dockside At Dawn for more).

Got me out of the office at least.

This time a Bahaman behemoth lies at the wharf – the intriguingly named “Firmament Ace”.

Freight rolls on and off, the shutter clicks and it’s back to work, wondering where she is headed next.

Not an office I’ll wager…


The Behemoth vs The Indomitables

IMG_0976 (2)      Charleston, South Carolina    April 2017

No, not another Marvel sci-fi box office thriller.

However, the scene is ever so quietly gripping…

A southern river scape :

One mighty, fully laden, container ship, ploughs the shipping channel sea bound and looms large against the horizon.

Meanwhile, unperturbed by the floating behemoth, a group of sizable armour plated horseshoe crabs, prehistoric survivors, make their presence known on the muddy shore.

A contest of heavyweight champions!

I make it an honourable draw…






Windows On Wake


A view of the wake from a passenger ferry to Waiheke Island from Auckland, through the ship’s windows, appears as if it were three frames in an old school roll of film…

( Ah, I remember rolls of film, but apart from the nostalgia factor, I don’t miss them, partly due to my shot cock-up rate, and also because of the inordinate processing costs.Not to mention exposing film to sunlight accidentally. Actually, the more I remember about the downsides, the less nostalgia I am feeling…..but big ups to you if you still take photos the old way! )

Give ‘Em Enough Rope…


More nautically themed stuff ( it wouldn’t  be ‘Ebb Then Flood’ without a little watery imagery! )

This time it’s a plethora of ropes aboard the replica ‘Endeavour’, which also features in the previous post, Totally Rigged.

“Give ’em enough rope, and they will hang themselves“(and variants thereof) is a cheerless saying dating back to the seventeenth century, but one that is curiously attractive because it is undoubtedly true in real life.

You don’t have to do any dirty work on a person who will see to their own demise given the opportunity.

I take no great joy in watching someone tie themselves in knots, but hanged if I am gonna do it for them..




When Your Ship Comes In

IMG_0465 (2).JPG

Shot of a freighter approaching port, laden with containers of anticipated goodies.

Often we are the person on the dock, waiting for our ship to come in.

Some great upturn in our fortunes, the perfect significant other, a better job or perhaps winning the lottery!

Waiting, waiting…

You know what? That ship may be on the horizon, but the beautiful, ever changing sea is right before you, and breaking on your shore.

You don’t even need to wait.

Your future is with you, now.