What We Left Behind In Our Wake


20181230_100019 (2).jpg

31 December, and 2019 totters on its last legs.

A wilted flower that is about to be chucked out of the vase.

Seriously, another year gone? ( another decade if you want to take the macro view ).

I may have figured out a few things in my life, but not where time goes. Probably fallen down the back of the couch or stashed in a shoebox somewhere…

All I know is that is once it’s been used up, you don’t get it back.

The quantity of time we had this year, if you got to the end of it (RIP to those I knew that didn’t) – is exactly the same for each of us.

The quality of it is an entirely different matter.

Good, bad, indifferent.

Productive or wasteful.

Exultant, Calm, Boring, Unhappy, Tragic.

Was love present?

And, did we actually learn anything new in the 365 days allotted to us this year? About ourselves, others, and the world around us?

Did we make any sort of difference ? (man, I hate that question but it does run the ruler of significance over what you do).

What, exactly, once the churn and froth has subsided, got left behind in our wake?


Windows On Wake


A view of the wake from a passenger ferry to Waiheke Island from Auckland, through the ship’s windows, appears as if it were three frames in an old school roll of film…

( Ah, I remember rolls of film, but apart from the nostalgia factor, I don’t miss them, partly due to my shot cock-up rate, and also because of the inordinate processing costs.Not to mention exposing film to sunlight accidentally. Actually, the more I remember about the downsides, the less nostalgia I am feeling…..but big ups to you if you still take photos the old way! )