Gaudi Curves


I have posted elsewhere on this blog on my attraction to curving, non-linear forms.

They are truly like life,which as we all can attest, does not run in straight lines.

Antoni Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona has taken that principle to extremes.

Observing that straight lines are only rarely found in nature, and from his belief that true art must stem from nature, he created many stunning and idiosyncratic designs in this town.

Pictured is the facade of the famous  Casa Batllo in the central city.

Jawdropping really!

The appeal to me,and the hordes of visitors to Gaudi’s creations, is that of nature’s truth.

What at first appears as fantasist madness is actually something that speaks to us deeply.

As an aside, Barcelona, apart from the old Rambla area in the centre  has a grid street network and I have managed to lose direction several times in its maze of straight line roads!


Stone Arches Tell No Lies


Curves of a different sort today.

This time around it is a stone passageway in the White Tower of the Tower Of  London.

Visited  there yesterday  and walked the same  steps  and corridors and under arches  as the infamous prisoners and dead of history. Spooky!

History ( the Tower is soaked in it, like blood on  chopping block! ) is linear and a tale told only in retrospect. You know how you got from A to B.

If you put yourself in the moment of a place, as I tried to ,it is all twists and turns, dark corners and bright windows of the unexpected.

Cruel  curves, awful arches…