You know,those reduced font clarications , expansions  and extra stuff  about matters in the main body of a narrative that you are directed to check out by the author.

At the bottom of the page.

If you can be bothered.

Me,I like them. The flow of the story might have got disrupted ,or sent off on an unwanted tangent by their inclusion,but often there is factual gold or weird shit that adds so much to the tale.There may be a whole other story there that is just not for the telling this time around.

Sometimes you hear  expressions like “a mere footnote”.As in,unimportant,not the main part of the story or happening.

How many of us feel a bit like footnotes to life?That the story we are in sort of refers to us without including us in the main text. Well, we all get sidelined or bumped to the bottom of the page from time to time.

But maybe you get there because your story is just too interesting,full of tangents and departures, and plain weird shit, to fit in neatly. Be just a little grateful if that’s the case…!

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