Soft Beauty vs The Harsh Spikes


It was on my mind early this afternoon to post this picture of a flowering yucca tree in my garden.It is a very occasional event,and quite startling in the juxtaposition of soft,creamy bloom nestling in the crown of spiky leaves.

I got home from work to the horrific news of the mass killing of Muslim worshippers here in New Zealand today,at mosques in Christchurch.

Shocking beyond belief in a generally peaceful and tolerant country.

Been glued to news updates for the past few hours; many others are hurt and the death toll may rise.

Wasn’t gonna post but my mind and heart are still racing , so I put this up in remembrance for the dead and solidarity for the innocent living .

A soft bloom of hope rises from amidst the harshness of hatred.

I wish you all peace tonight and hope for tomorrow, Andy.