Eighties Palm Regret


Palm fans, shot on the weekend, get  some (probably regrettable) 1980s neon  hues.

No idea why, as I spent most of that decade running from that particular art and fashion tendency.

Possibly it’s a bad flashback to a time that had no regrets about itself, even though it damn well should have. I am looking at you, Boy George and Wham…

And I had a thing for potted palms at the time, thinking they were the height of  interior decorating sophistication, dragging them around from one short term abode to the next.

Ah, good times…


Nikau Palm


Pictured amongst other New Zealand native trees is a prince among them – the striking nikau.

A stripey trunk, a crown of symmetrical fronds, ropes of berries and  a bulb of overlapping leaf bases sitting below the crown.

The old leaf bases will harden and fall to the ground in time. And even then, they are wonderful – as children, we would ride the larger tough, semi-circular shells down slopes like toboggans!

As  Aotearoa’s only endemic palm species it is something special.

(The previous post, Electric Glade, starred one of these beauties in a rather modified treatment if you want to see more)