House Of Cats

‘House Of Cats’

One from the travel archives to brighten the day of feline lovers, or art lovers for that matter.

This shot was taken in Barcelona late last year. I was taken by the varied cat images and soft colour geometric highlights on the wall of a central city building.

Not until sometime later did I notice the curling shape at top left of the image.

The tail of a mystery black cat perhaps?

A Gift Of Figs


From the ” you don’t know what you don’t know ” department:

Three fresh figs ( there’s a wee tongue twister for you) were placed on my work desk this morning by the eccentric but generous woman who visits, and tries to sell all sorts of stuff to, the locals at the marae.

I looked up and had no idea what they were initially, until she told me. I had only seen them in dried form previously.

They look cool, and a little alien, but I haven’t eaten one yet.

Maybe I just want the mystery and kindness of the random gift to continue a little longer…



Like Thousands Of Pearls

8IMG_1226 (3).JPG

Today’s mystery object is some sort of disc coral I think (David Attenborough fail moment!), espied in a Malaysian aquarium a few years ago.

Whatever it is, I know what it looks like to me.

A platter of pearls.

Thousands of ’em.

In rows.

Like soldiers.

Glistening repetition.

Mind bending submerged treasure.

Sunken stars.

And I’m away, dreaming …

But you didn’t come here for a marine biology lecture,did you ?










Masonic Temple

….#4 in a series…

Freemasonry is heavily steeped in ritual and the use of symbols, such as the compass and square ,and is shrouded in secrecy. You can only see the exterior of this cool building, not what goes on inside , if you are an outsider like me.

Factoid: Apparently the extensive use of symbols amongst Freemasons goes back to ancient times when many members were illiterate .Symbols were used as a communication tool instead of writing. I have  talked of the power of symbolism elsewhere in this blog. Love that stuff. I don’t have a whole lot of  other factoids( as I only know one avowed Freemason) but I am okay with that – why take away the mystery?

Masonic Temple, Nelson NZ