Like Thousands Of Pearls

8IMG_1226 (3).JPG

Today’s mystery object is some sort of disc coral I think (David Attenborough fail moment!), espied in a Malaysian aquarium a few years ago.

Whatever it is, I know what it looks like to me.

A platter of pearls.

Thousands of ’em.

In rows.

Like soldiers.

Glistening repetition.

Mind bending submerged treasure.

Sunken stars.

And I’m away, dreaming …

But you didn’t come here for a marine biology lecture,did you ?










The Sun, The Moon, A Satellite


Following on from the previous post, and Brian Eno’s musical longing for ‘Another Green World’,more extraterrestrial dreaming on my part.

It shouldn’t surprise that none of the objects are those of the title.

Nor is it the image of a planetarium.

It’s  a skylight in Central Auckland’s Britomart Station, above me as I sat waiting on a bench for the next train home.

Late Friday afternoon, wearied, my mind wandering to a galaxy far, far away from work, but you don’t have to be freaking rocket scientist to work that out…