Your Nemesis


Do you have a nemesis?

The word nemesis has a couple of dictionary meanings: “the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall” or ” a longstanding rival;an arch enemy”.

I think we probably all have that inescapable person or thing that dogs us in life.

The thing that dogged Sir Winston Churchill he actually called his “black dog” – depression.

Churchill’s daughter Mary said of him: “He himself talks of his black dog, and he did have times of depression…..Of course, if you have a black dog it lurks somewhere in your nature and  you never quite banish it, but I never saw  him  disarmed by depression”.

Which sort of sums up a nemesis – always there or thereabouts, never gotten rid of and returning from time to time to haunt us  – but  I like the optimism in the final words of the quote, “never disarmed.”

Just because your nemesis remains ,it does not mean you have to lead a defeated life because of it.



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