8 thoughts on “Dinghies

    1. I confess complete ignorance ( not for the first time).Shall look into them.Just downloaded an Allman Brothers live gig from 1971 and listening to that.Not quite as old as your pick,but a goodie too…


      1. Love them! Everyone should have 23 minutes of “Whipping Post’ in their life at least once, double-entendre and all. 🙂
        For Rusty, start with “Bounce Your Boobies,” classic and definitely YouTube-available.


      2. Ah ,some common ground.When I was last in the States 3 years ago I was complete rock geek and went out of the way to the Allman’s Big House in Macon,GA, where they all lived or hung out so fricking cool.There is a pic of it somewhere on my blog.Hope yr Sunday is drier than ours.


      3. Miraculously, it isn’t raining here, this 15 minutes, at least. 🙂
        Another Southern rock recommendation out of nowhere: I’m not a huge fan of them in general, but Molly Hatchet’s “Fall of the Peacemakers” is astounding and underappreciated. I still get chills listening to it.

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