Pacific Ocean Blue

‘Pacific Ocean Blue’

Having just returned home from a week at the beach, I thought I would share a view of the Pacific Ocean from that place.

Simply gorgeous, and with a feeling of infinity, the blues of sea and sky stretching away from the sandy shore.

As the title of this post is the same as the 1977 solo album masterpiece from Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, I thought you may as well also have a suitably summery song from the album, ‘You and I, (courtesy of YouTube).

Link below, enjoy and drift away!

8 thoughts on “Pacific Ocean Blue

      1. Oh wow,that’s a hike for sure,but worth the pilgrimage.I live in New Zealand so there is always a beach,and sea, close by. I have memories of a very careless day on the lovely beach in Corpus Christi a few years ago where I got badly sunburned…

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      2. My favourite aspect of beaches is that they are this thin border,an in between zone,water on one side and land proper on the other,transitory and always changing in the light,wind and tide,so dynamic.

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