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‘Unfinished’                                                  Edinburgh, October 2019

There’s nothing like being corralled in one’s home during lockdown to cause a longing review of your travel pics.

This shot of Edinburgh’s National Monument of Scotland atop Calton Hill is a particular favourite.

The Monument is a wonderful exemplar of overreaching ambition unmet in actual performance!

Intended as “A Memorial of the Past and Incentive to the Past and Future Heroism of the Men of Scotland ” (phew!), construction of the grand edifice began in 1826 but stopped in 1829 owing to the cash drying up.

It has apparently earned nicknames such as “Scotland’s Folly” , Edinburgh’s Disgrace”, and best of all “The Pride and Poverty of Scotland”.

A bit harsh really.

As I stood in the drizzle gazing at the Grecian columns framing the grey sky, I had a sneaking admiration for those who started something so grand it just could not be completed.

Been there, done (or not quite done) that!