Blue Bat Bowls

‘Blue Bat Bowls’

The summer lawn bowls season has just finished, as autumn descends.Tons of great memories!

The sport is a passion for me – thought I’d share a pic of my new set of bowls, purchased a few weeks ago, replete with my favourite bat logo.

For the technically minded, they are slightly heavier than my old bowls, with a marginally wider trajectory, for better wind stability.

But the new bowls won’t magically make my game better – that’s up to me. It’s all in your mind as they say. The three golden rules of the game are adjust, adjust, adjust!

Eight Blue Bowls


Not the bowls you eat out of, but lawn bowls, the sport I play (it’s a British Commonwealth thing and generally a summer pastime).

This was earlier in the month, when my fours team , just coincidentally mind, played with blue bowls(two per player in that format).

So pretty I had to take picture!

That was about as pretty and together as it got –¬†our play that day was distinctly average…

(PS: The pair on the left with the bat motif are mine)