I suppose it is some sort of milestone – five hundred posts on Ebb Then Flood; heaps of my words and pictures at any rate.

I firmly believe in milestones –  markers of time and achievement – even if only I note them.

Today, however I thought I’d share the number that WordPress’s stats counter threw up.

As a number it’s all a bit arbitrary in terms of whether this thing is worthwhile.

You can be the judge of that.

But I do know that I am really glad I kicked this project off sixteen months ago, for so many reasons, not least in rekindling a long dormant creative sense and finding an anchor for the random thoughts that swirl in my head.

Nice to pause and mark a moment…

Lastly, if you have tuned in along the way, and maybe found something on your wavelength, I am truly grateful – thank you!



So I May Know Where I Stand

Trig Station, Orakei, Auckland, NZ

Just behind Bastion Point in Auckland ,and up the hill by the marae, sits a trig station.

One of thousands over the country ,on often high vantage points ,acting as geodetic reference  points. Once, and sometimes still used by surveyors for precise bearings of latitude and longitude.

It caught  my eye this morning, with its stark black and white markings against the cobalt blue sky.

As a child I thought they were totally cool and somewhat mysterious. Maybe aliens had planted them there.To ascend to the top of a hill and then clamber up the trig was to be lord of all you surveyed(excuse the pun).

A symbol, a signifier, a marker. Like a compass, objectively true.

Sometimes its enough to know exactly where you stand…