Good Things Come In Threes

IMG_1600 (2)

   Three Orchid Rows, Singapore 

I love the saying “good things come in threes”.

They so often seem to.

Even if they don’t ,there’s always: “third time lucky”

And, if you don’t get lucky third time around,

…. then perhaps pray to the Holy Trinity…!

(a re-post, to round out this series of triple oriented shots – stay lucky people!)




Four Plants On A Wall


Yesterday’s post centred on the number three.

Another day ,and another number on.


Specifically , four potted plants in a mural by a street artist on a white concrete wall, behind a bar and a McDonald’s.

Four is usually synonymous with a square or rectangle  –  regularity.

And even though the painted pot plants are evenly spaced there is a sense of funky freedom in this four !