Ain’t No Saint

20191008_105232 (2).jpg

Portrait of a blogger – me, Andy L.

Almost a year into this blogging gig, and since I am always behind the lens for the pictures you see here, thought it time to move around the front and say hello.

This shot was taken last month on the harbour in the lovely Fife town of St. Andrews, with its famous ancient castle and abbey ruins, some of which can be seen in the background.

As the place is named for the patron saint of Scotland, my namesake, it seemed appropriate.

Not that I am any sort of saint, mind .This picture has a dark haloed effect, just in case   you get the wrong idea….



Portrait: The Photographer


Barry is a top guy  with a droll sense of humour .In his professional life he was a photographer.

I felt almost embarrassed  asking if I could take a shot of him,and with a phone camera at that. I  mean,he probably took thousands of portraits of individuals and groups in a myriad of poses and settings and lord knows whatever else, mostly in the old school analog way – actual film,actual developing.

He was pretty phlegmatic  about the results of this shot . Probably not used to being on the other side of things…he looks skeptical!

I think my attempt passed muster ,but I  realised he knew so much more than I ever will about the art of photography,so it is a sort of privilege to capture a maven of the craft through my lens.

Portrait: The Antique Dealer


I took this shot of an antique dealer in a provincial New Zealand town coming back home from further afield .

Needed to find a special birthday gift for my wife ,entered the bursting at the seams but tidy shop .Managed to be talked into ,and sold, a gorgeous blood red coral necklace.

This obliging gentleman even hung it round my neck for size. This in a really conservative town! But I was happy with the likely  fit for the donee. Really excellent and knowledgeable customer service. We got on like a house on fire, and in talking found we a mutual acquaintance. NZ is truly the land of two degrees of separation.

The charming man posed for a picture before I hit the road again. I really like this one, the emperor of the emporium seated on his throne ,surrounded by pre-loved vintage homeware and curios.

Plenty of history ,a heap of passion, and great facial hair!