On Track

‘On Track’

A dirt track through bushland near my home.

Posted for the times that we are on track to wherever we are heading.

The details of the destination may not be filled in exactly, and they don’t need to be.

But that present sense of moving towards something good is there.

And that’s enough…for now.

Keep tracking on!

The Track

20200102_190118 (2)

We cannot mistake the track for the journey.

A track, like the one pictured, can be arid and stony, hard and winding.

When winter comes, it will become soft and muddy, difficult and at times seemingly impassable.

Varied conditions for sure but whatever they look and feel like, tracks are purely functional.

They take you where you need to go.

We obsess about tracks –¬†upward and downward trajectories, paths to success, shortcuts – while missing the point that the journey is everything, and that having reached whatever lies on the horizon we see now, another, different, horizon presents itself to us.

Whatever track we are on is just the necessary means by which the journey of ourselves unfolds.