Terror Facade (When Buildings Scream) II


Yesterday’s post picture revisited and re-imagined.

There’s been something bugging me about it and I feel the need to inject a touch more terror into this architectural mishap.

Somewhere in the back of my mind is that classic horror short story by Edgar Allan  Poe, ‘The Cask Of Amontillado’,which I read a number of times as a teen .

Brick by awful brick ,the victim Fortunato is walled into a niche in a cellar.

I used to wonder how long he lasted, yelling for help, screaming with fear maybe.

No one to hear him.

Like this old building’s silent scream…


Terror Facade (When Buildings Scream)


Downright disturbing turn of the twentieth century building façade espied on an Auckland walkabout this week.

What was the architect thinking?

Or thinking of, to be more precise?

Sheer bloody terror frozen in stone and plaster.

Oddly, the 1905 building was originally a gymnasium.

Which might explain my take on it: few things are more frightening to me that being trapped in a crowded gym amongst heaving, sweating, exercising, bodies.

Give me a walk in the fresh air, anytime. I think I need some…